Gibraltar: the third Eurafrica trail HQ

Algeciras, 14th March.- The intercontinental challenge that  Eurafrica Trail will lay down from 11th to 15th October for mountain race lovers will have three HQs thanks to the new introduction of the vertical stage in Gibraltar for 2017..

Thus, the only intercontinental mountain race in stages in the world will take place in Spain, Morocco and Gibraltar.

This was announced in a press conference held last Tuesday at the Gibraltar Sports and Leisure Authority (GSLA) HQ and broadcast live via Facebook Live with the Eurafrica Trail promoter Aitor Calle, and the Gibraltar Ministers for The Environment and Sports, John Cortés and Steven Linares respectively.

Three cultures united by Eurafrica Territory. “Today is a happy day for the Eurafrica Trail. For us, as a project for sport and tourism, it was essential to unite the three cultures that form part of the region,” explained Aitor Calle.
“Eurafrica Trail is more than a cross-country mountain race because we are also attempting to raise awareness about the natural environments we have on the two shores of the strait. The area has incredible potential as natural heritage with many contrasts, and it is our hope that trail runners from around the world will discover it,” he added.

The vertical stage in Gibraltar complements the Spanish stage, passing through the Los Alcornocales Natural Park and the Moroccan stage with its finishing line in the city of Chefchaouen, the Pearl of the Rif.

“We are happy to announce that we are the third country in this adventure between two continents that brings together sports, tourism and the environment,” said Gibraltar’s Minister for the Environment, John Cortés, who underlined Eurafrica Trail’s responsible nature. “It is a race that provides fun for the participants but also protection for the environment,” he stressed.

For his part, Gibraltar’s Minister for Sports, Steven Linares, affirmed that “the three points of interest are beautiful,” adding that the vertical stage “will be the toughest” of those that make up the next Eurafrica Trail.

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