Contributing to the scenery and people of the territory.

An event such as ours cannot go unnoticed as it passes through the area where it takes place. We understand Social and Environmental Corporate Responsibility to be an obligation for all of our generation’s companies. We are obliged and excited to bring about a change for the better for the territory.

Eurafrica Territory

The place where everything was born

The Eurafrica Trail takes place in the environment of the Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve of the Mediterranean. It is a unique territory for its landscape and scenery. In fact, it is the only Reserve of the 631 recognized by UNESCO in the world, composed of protected environments of two continents. Parks and sites of enormous beauty and environmental value, such as Los Alcornocales, Estrecho, Grazalema or Sierra de las Nieves in Spanish territory, and Jbel Musa, Talassemtane or Bou Hachem in Moroccan territory.

On both sides of the Strait (natural border of the Territory) we find many common features in the nature of the protected natural areas that make up the Reserve, as is the case of the sister pine forests of the Talassemtane N.P., Sierra de las Nieves or Sierra de Grazalema, to which we can add other “twinnings” of species such as the cork oak, holm oak and various species of scrub on both sides. As a whole, both banks share 75% of their flora. With regard to the fauna present in the whole of the RBIM, we find cases such as the wild boar and the otter, as well as numerous examples of birds that live and pass through our Territory, such as the Egyptian vulture or the golden eagle.

This perfect mixture of union and diversity, motivates us to explore and tell the Territory of Eurafrica from multiple points of view. It is our intention, from the beginning of the project, to propose variants in our participation modalities and route designs so that both the organization and the institutions, as well as the participants, can live in fullness the experiences and places that we can enjoy, without leaving the Territory.

Eurafrica has, therefore, a fundamental objective in making the Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve of the Mediterranean known, generating, through our test, opportunities of exchange and illusions among its inhabitants, improving the way in which they relate to their natural environment, the so called Eurafrica Territory.

Think, Say, Do. We are responsible for the role that we play in our environment.

Eurafrica Trail is a race that is responsible with the environment and the society in which it is held. Since our project began, we have understood that it is necessary for the race to grow sustainably and naturally, so that is not a danger for the conservation of the wonderful area where it takes place (Biosphere Reserve). Moreover, we have always understood that Eurafrica can act as a vehicle to unite societies that host an event such as this (on the two shores).


In this vein, we have taken action in social and environmental matters that brings us closer to the ideal of a responsible race that we seek. Some examples of this are:



Once we became pioneers in the application of FEDME’s good practice guide, we set ourselves the goal of offsetting the ecological footprint resulting from the organization of our test. Eurafrica, like any event of its characteristics, generates a considerable CO2 footprint, even though the organisation adopts measures such as efficiency in travel or not printing commercial or administrative paperwork. With the hope of reducing our impact on the territory and the dream of eliminating it, we created, together with the Department of the Environment of the Andalusian Government and the management of the Los Alcornocales Natural Park, the “Bosque Eurafrica” Project, thanks to which we would become the first Trail Running race in Spain to carry out an Ecological Footprint compensation action. An innovative and exciting internal project for the whole community of Campo de Gibraltar, which we would like to replicate on the Moroccan and Gibraltarian shores



Our aim is to ensure that schoolchildren in the Territory of Eurafrica know, love and respect the enormous cultural and environmental heritage that surrounds them. For this 2018, we will select some educational centres in the region of Campo de Gibraltar, to develop a programme of talks and activities that will facilitate the dissemination of the Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve of the Mediterranean, that is, the Territory of Eurafrica.



After the first edition of the Intercontinental Eurafrica Trail, several runners and participating clubs volunteered to hand over their sportswear in good condition (textile and footwear) to the runners on the Moroccan side. In 2017, the colleagues of SOS CardioSport, our medical team of cardioprotection in race, led an initiative that collected shoes in good condition during the months prior to Eurafrica Trail, with which they got dozens of shoes to facilitate the sporting life of our most disadvantaged neighbors on the southern shore of the Territory. We have decided to keep the fuse burning, and to coordinate from the organization of the event, a Plan so that the runners (participating in Eurafrica or not) who wish to participate, can give their sports equipment to help the runners of the Moroccan Rif to enjoy the sport in their mountains.


  • Coherence

    Thinking, saying and doing the same—this is a principle that gives us the peace of mind and assuredness to give our best and solve problems

  • Zero Printing

    As of the first edition, we have reduced printing on paper to a minimum. We don’t have a poster, cards or folders.

  • Responsibility and Safety

    Eurafrica is held under the proviso that under no circumstances shall our assets—the participants, volunteers and the environment—be put in danger.

  • Aid for runners and volunteers

    We have taken part in sports events from both perspectives (runners and volunteers). We attempt to assist both these groups and provide them with a service that we would like to be given ourselves.

  • Conservation

    What we don’t know, cannot be loved; and what is not loved cannot be protected. One pillar of the Eurafrica Trail is to disseminate our natural heritage: the Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve of the Mediterranean..

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