the Team

Since autumn 2014, a passionate team based in the Strait of Gibraltar, between Tetouan and Seville, builds an experience to remember for hundreds of people every year. Convinced that we can enjoy our natural environment in a responsible way, and aware of the incalculable value that the Strait and its multiculturalism have to help send out messages of coexistence, we maintain the illusion of continuing to make our beautiful home the best setting to enjoy mountain races and coexistence, for a week. The people behind Eurafrica are:

Adrian No Dueñas

Commercial Director

Amin Rohho

Technical Team

Ismael Barea

Technical Team

Jesús Albarreal

Accompanying persons

María De La Carrera

“Peque” Trail

Nizar Zekri

Morocco Team

Raul Gómez

Logistics Director

Sara Hajjaj

Morocco Coordinator