Make History

Eurafrica Trail was born in October 2014, with an idea: to create the first mountain race between two continents in the world, in the Strait of Gibraltar. A goal that was equally beautiful and ambitious, and that after many adventures we managed to carry out with the first Intercontinental edition of our race, completed on 1st November 2016.

There, at the final party in the Kasbah of Chefchaouen, we became aware of what our idea really meant: Eurafrica is our opportunity to Make History, generate memories, unite different cultures through sport, the respect for nature and the dissemination of our natural and social heritage.

For all these reasons, Eurafrica Trail is not (only) a race, it is a complete experience that creates personal stories in a unique place in the world: the Eurafrica Territory.


Thinking, saying and doing the same thing. It is a principle that gives us peace of mind and security to offer our best and solve problems.

Since Edition 0, we have eliminated paper printouts to the minimum possible. We have no posters, cards or folders.

The development of Eurafrica is conditioned to never endanger the main assets we count on: participants-volunteers and environment.

We have been participants of sport events from both sides (runner and volunteer). We try to attend and give a service to both groups as we would like to have it for ourselves.

What is not known cannot be loved, what is not loved cannot be protected. The dissemination of our natural heritage, the Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve of the Mediterranean, is a pillar of Eurafrica Trail.