List of winners


1. Aarab Moha

2. Romero Palacios Chema

3. Jurado Arana Pablo


1. Castillo Valle Noelia

2. Garcia Gonzalez Maria

3. Lewinski López Jennifer


1. Aarab Moha.

2. Gil Ruiz Jose

3. Jurado Arana Pablo


1. Castillo Valle Noelia

2. Garcia Gonzalez Maria

3. Lewinski López Jennifer


1. Aarab Moha.

2. Romero Palacios Chema

3. Jurado Arana Pablo


1. Castillo Valle Noelia

2. Garcia Gonzalez Maria

3. Lewinski López Jennifer


1. Aarab Moha.

2. Romero Palacios Chema

3. Jurado Arana Pablo


1. Castillo Valle Noelia

2. Garcia Gonzalez Maria

3. Lewinski López Jennifer


1. Romero Palacios Chema

2. Aarab Moha.

3. Gil Ruiz Jose


1. Castillo Valle Noelia

2. Lewinski López Jennife

3. rGarcia Gonzalez Maria

The 2021 edition

An edition marked by the restrictions of the pandemic, in which we had to wait, practically until the last minute, to get the event off the ground. Finally, we could not cross the Strait of Gibraltar due to the closure of the Moroccan ports and Eurafrica 21 was held in a reduced edition on European soil, with legs in Jimena de la Frontera (Cádiz), where we started with an individual time trial in the beautiful surroundings of the Castle, our now classic visit to Gaucín Station (Cortes de la Frontera), a charming village on the border between the Serranía de Ronda and the Alcornocales Natural Park, where we enjoyed the enormous hospitality of its inhabitants and its government team, and we closed with a double-leg day: a beautiful half marathon in the mountains of Algeciras in the morning and, in the afternoon, the end of the party in Gibraltar with its now legendary Vertical Race, which, with its 5K and almost 500mD+, put the finishing touch to an atypical but happy edition, as we could meet again and celebrate the party of the races in the Strait of Gibraltar.

In terms of results, the victory in our men’s multi-leg event went to Frenchman Moha Aarab, who won the four legs overall over Chema Romero from Cádiz (who was already third in 2019) and the local Gibraltarian Pablo Jurado. In the women’s race, the Jerez-born Noelia Castillo beat María García, from La Puebla del Río (in Seville), and Jennifer Lewinski, from Málaga.

List of winners

Inter 120 Male

1. Zaid Ait Malek.

2. Dani García Gómez

3. Chema Romero Palacios

Inter 120 Female

1. Megan Wilson

2. Lisa Watson

3. Maite Maiora Elizondo

Inter 70 Male

1. Fran Acosta Gutiérrez

2. Ivan Rosado Domínguez

3. István Kiss

Inter 70 Female

1. Raquel Linares Mateo

2. Beatriz Escartín Gil

3. Elena Vilar Heras

2019. The edition extended to 4 legs

A year of consolidation changes. We have gone from three to four legs, including for the first time the province of Málaga as a destination within Eurafrica. An extension to the north, to discover and show the whole Eurafrican family the Ronda, Libar and Grazalema mountains and the Guadiaro Valley. A great new leg, Aurum, which connected Benaoján and Cortes de la Frontera to our goal in El Colmenar – Estación de Gaucín.

We also made a double “move” in our central camps in Europe (to Camping Los Alcornocales in Jimena de la Frontera (Cádiz) and Africa (to Hotel Kabila, in MDiq (Morocco).

These changes, which were definitive for the organization, offered us a lot of peace of mind and security, which resulted in the most predictable, cerebral and successful Eurafrica Trail we can remember to date.

On the sporting side, we experienced a great fight in the women’s category of our main event, the Inter Ultra 120 of four legs, with the brilliant emergence of Megan Wilson and Lisa Watson, who won the championship and runner-up position, beating the Basque runner Maite Maiora (who suffered an injury – rib fracture in the second leg) and remaining ahead of big names such as Silvia Puigarnau or Ester Alves.

In the men’s race, Zaid Ait Malek won the Eurafrica trophy for the fifth consecutive time, a feat that will be very difficult to match in our list of winners. Zaid came to the Strait of Gibraltar after a “great season” (he finished 4th in the ISF World Rankin) and he proved it with the victory, beating Dani García and Chema Romero in a tight fight.

An edition for the consolidation of our event, crossing the Strait of Gibraltar from north to south, with stops in Belyounech (FRS Musa 21), Benaoján and Cortes de la Frontera (Málaga), Algeciras and Los Barrios (Cádiz) and Gibraltar (UK). A complete and special voyage thanks to the success of participation and results.

List of winners

Inter 80 Male

1. Zaid Ait Malek.

2. Tiago Aires

3. Juan Parez Torreglosa

Inter 80 Female

1. Beth Pascall

2. Ester Casajuana

3. Noemi Delgado

Inter 60 Male

1. Carlos García Hurtado

2. Antonio Herrera

3. Ivan Rosado

Inter 60 Female

1. Cristina Durán

2. Silvia Fernandez

3. Noelia Castillo

2018. The most intense edition

2018 came to change everything Undoubtedly, the most intense, most aggressive, most difficult edition we had faced until that day in October. Undoubtedly, our biggest victory to date, for athletes, volunteers and the organization.

What was expected to be our best organised event, ended up being, due to the very adverse weather conditions, the biggest challenge known in our history. After the reception of the participants in the Europa camp, located in the Campo de Gibraltar Aeromodelling Club, under a heavy rain and with SW wind (perfect conditions for a storm), we took the decision to offer everyone an overnight stay in a sports centre provided by the Algeciras City Council.

The following day, the leg in Gibraltar went well until the arrival of the expected storm in the early afternoon, which forced the participants and volunteers to live with and “enjoy” the rain that gave an epic tone to the climb of the Mediterranean Steps, in the Upper Rock Natural Park of the Rock. We closed the leg with a spectacular awards ceremony at St Michael’s Cave.

At the end of the leg, on the return trip to Camp Europa, and knowing that it was completely flooded and with a real risk for all those who had to spend the night there, the complicated and definitive decision was taken to move the operation of the Camp from Algeciras to the Andrés Mateo Sports Centre in the city of the beautiful bay.

Fortunately, the storm passed, which allowed us to enjoy the rest of the event and races in better conditions. The #MagicCádiz27 and 50 was held on a spectacular day, in which the participants could enjoy the foggy forests of the Alcornocales Natural Park, in the mountains of Algeciras and Los Barrios, with a modified route for safety reasons, eliminating the high part of the course (10kms approx).

After celebrating the awards ceremony, concert and closing of the European legs, we headed the next day towards Tangier, the port that welcomed us on the southern shore of the Eurafrica Territory, as always with the company of FRS, our official shipping company since the beginning of our event. . In Tangier we enjoyed a guided walk through the Medina, and we headed towards the fishing village that would welcome us in Morocco: Belyounech. There, between the white mass of Jbel Musa and the Mediterranean Sea, we would spend two nights in the tents and classrooms of the school that our Moroccan friends so generously gave us.

The #FRSBelyounech25 discovered the power and peculiarity of the Jbel Musa, one of the mythical Pillars of Hercules (along with its European sister, Gibraltar), which, contrary to what it might seem, with its less than 900 meters high, proved to be a technical and very demanding “mountain”, in a pure skyrace leg, with breathtaking landscapes, climbs and descents. After the short but tough final leg of Eurafrica18 we enjoyed the kindness and company of the people of Belyounech, first with a group of young local musicians at the school where we set up camp, then at the place where we celebrated the final awards ceremony with a big party.

This is how Eurafrica18 unfolded, a definitive year for all of us, which gave us the feeling of forming a big family that travels and remains united, above all else. A year that will mark the path for the following years… Eurafrica will never be the same.

List of winners

Inter 90 Male

1. Zaid Ait Malek

2. Juan Maria Jiménez

3. Javier Ordieres

Inter 90 Female

1. Angels Llobera

2. Noelia Camacho

3. Ana Cristina Constantin

Inter 70 Male

1. Francisco José Rodriguez de Paz

2. Jesús Ignacio Sanchez Delgado

3. Francisco José Alonso López

Inter 70 Female

1. Ainhoa Valenciano Vázquez

2. Estefanía Moreno Alba

3. Davinia Chulio

2017. The Unity Edition

In what was our second Intercontinental edition, we fulfilled the challenge and the dream of uniting the three shores of the Strait of Gibraltar around sport, nature and the cultures that populate it. 2017 will go down in our history as the first year in which Gibraltar was part of Eurafrica.

It was exciting to kick off the race next to Gibraltar’s Europa Point lighthouse, with the presence of great runners, accompanied by hundreds of Eurafricans dreaming of becoming Intercontinentalists.

The race had as “homes” the Natural Parks of Upper Rock Natural Reserve (GIB), Parque Natural los Alcornocales (ESP) and Parc Naturel Talassemtane (MAR), with the cities of Algeciras and Los Barrios (Cádiz, ESP) and Chefchaouen (MAR) being the headquarters of our camps.

Humidity was the main protagonist in the first two European stages, with mild temperatures but a humidity in the environment that hindered the performance of the riders, with more incidence in the Spanish stage of Los Alcornocales.

More than 600 participants in total (200 of them Intercontinental), 125 volunteers lived and fulfilled the great challenge: to join the Strait with our steps.

List of winners

Intercontinental 80 Male

  1. Zaid Ait Malek
  2. Manuel Anguita
  3. Gerard Morales

Intercontinental 80 Female

  1. Anna Comet
  2. Rafaela Román
  3. Karol Estalrich

Intercontinental 55 Male

  1. José María Blanco
  2. Manuel Alejandro Saborido
  3. Ismael Martinez

Intercontinental 55 Female

  1. Nuría de Pablo
  2. Maite Franco
  3. Marina Villares

Quercus 50

  1. Jesús Ignacio Sanchez / Catherine Piggot
  2. José Carlos Alonso / Susana Fuentes
  3. Manuel Alonso / Leyre Miguela

Quercus 25

  1. Alfonso Torán / María Rodriguez
  2. Juan José Serván / Natalia Martinez
  3. Juan Antonio Torán / Ruth Flores

FRS Tissouka 30

  1. Adil Alilech / Ikram Rharsalla
  2. Abdelatif Boulkhalf / Karima El Mtili
  3. Imaz Rzigen / Elvira Peña
2016. We Made History

On 1st November we made history, we became the first mountain race between two continents in the world.

Months of work, effort, desire and doubts that materialised in the Kasbah of the Medina of Chefchaouen, where in a trophy ceremony to remember, the participants of Eurafrica Trail 2016 became Intercontinental.

The headquarters of Eurafrica 2016 were Algeciras, in Europe, and in Africa the Rifian city of Chefchaouen, hosting a 4-day event within the Eurafrica Territory, the Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve of the Mediterranean, all within the camps, the place where it all happened.

There were 5 types of participation. Intercontinental 80, Intercontinental 55 and the local races Quercus 50, Quercus 25 and in Morocco FRS Tissouka 30, where 600 people took on spectacular routes, which were technical and tough, in the Los Alcornocales Natural Park in Europe and the Talassemtane National Park in Morocco.

List of winners

Long Trail 70K Male

  1. Zaid Ait Malek.
  2. Joan Marc Falcó.
  3. Rubén Delgado.

Long Trail 70 Female

  1. Silvia Marfil.
  2. Rafaela Román.
  3. María José Agustín

Colada de la Costa 21K Male

  1. Francisco González.
  2. Manuel Alejandro Roa.
  3. Jesús Herrera.

Colada de la Costa 21K Female

  1. Catherine Piggot.
  2. Azucena López.
  3. Yolanda H. García.
2015. The "Zero" edition

In 2014 we dreamt of creating what would be the first event between two continents in the world, and we took a first step in 2015 with the “zero” edition of Eurafrica Trail, in which almost 500 people took part.

An inaugural edition of the event, which, although it was only on European soil, was a high-level sporting challenge, with its two routes between Algeciras and Tarifa, within the Natural Parks of Alcornocales and the Strait of Gibraltar.

The races that inaugurated the Eurafrica Trail were the Long Trail of 70 Kms, starting in the Plaza Alta in Algeciras and finishing in Tarifa and the Colada de la Costa, which started from Pelayo, in Algeciras, to also reach Tarifa, covering 21 Kms, mostly through the Natural Park of the Strait.