Eurafrica is the dream of uniting the two shores of the Strait of Gibraltar. To tell the story of this historical, remote and particular place through a mountain race in stages. Our purpose is to link the cultures and nature of this territory, through sport.
Nine years have passed since Eurafrica Trail started, and after eight editions, we keep intact the illusion and commitment to visit and publicize the villages, mountains and trails of the Strait.
The main novelty for 2024 will be the addition of a new location in one of the Moroccan stages. After four editions in Belyounech, we say goodbye to Jbel Musa and we are looking for a new location and a new stage to accompany Belwazen. The new location and route of the second Moroccan stage, will revisit the limestone ridge of the Rif, in the province of M’Diq – Fnideq. Thus, we will keep the idea of one stage in Gibraltar (UK), two stages in Andaulucía (Spain) and two stages in the Northern Region in Morocco.
The race will start with the delivery of welcome packs in Tarifa (Cadiz), on Thursday
October 31, from where we will move early in the afternoon in the direction of Gibraltar, for the celebration of the first stage, the Gibraltar Vertical Race, 5K and 500mD +, in addition to celebrating in the beautiful cave of San Miguel the opening ceremony.
On Friday November 1st we will enjoy the village of Estación de Gaucín, in the municipality of Cortes de la Frontera (Málaga), where the longest stage of the event awaits us, 25K and 1.000mD+ between the natural parks of Grazalema and Alcornocales, between the stone and forests, with trails along the Guadiario river, climbs and stretches along the traditional cork extraction routes, a traditional industry of the area.
On Saturday, November 2, a beautiful half marathon through the Mediterranean forests of the Alcornocales Natural Park of Algeciras (Cádiz), enjoying its technical trails, its fast tracks and the breathtaking views of the Strait of Gibraltar. 21K and 1.100mD+ for this third stage in Cadiz.
From there, we will depart to Tarifa, where we will take the ferry that will take us to the African continent, arriving first to the port of Tangier, and from there, we will take the bus to Camp Africa, in M’Diq.
On Sunday November 3rd we will enjoy the new stage in M’Diq – Fnideq, a beautiful half marathon in the mountains and small villages between Tetouan and Tangier.
On Monday November 4th, we will return to the small Moroccan Rif kabila of Belwazen, where we will celebrate a spectacular and explosive short stage, in the mountains of Fasml Jaar, between small villages, valleys and tilled fields, with the peak of Jbel Abyad (Monte Blanco) as the summit of the stage and viewpoint of the entire Strait.
A grand finale: 11km and 800mD+ to end this edition of Eurafrica.
That Monday afternoon, we will return to travel the 14kms of the Strait of Gibraltar on the return ferry between Tangier and Tarifa, to put an end to this great adventure of five days, three cultures and two continents.
Isn’t it an exciting? A week of living together, cultures and races, to be remembered for life.


Day: October 31 – November 4, 2024

Distance: 82 Kilometres

Positive elevation gain: 4.890mD

Number of participants: 100

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