From 28 October to 1 November 2022, the intercontinental event will once again take us through the mountains and villages of the Strait of Gibraltar.

After the expected return in 2021 after two years of pandemic, Eurafrica Trail has already set its sights on its 2022 edition. An edition in which the event grows in number of stages and recovers the crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar and its African stage, after not being able to be held in 2021 due to the pandemic.

The seventh edition of the Eurafrica Trail will start on 28 October in the town of Tarifa in Cadiz, where the expedition will take the ferry to travel to Morocco and start the competition on the 29th with the Belyounech stage. A 21km and 1,400mD+ race of pure skyrunning, on the stone cliffs of the Jbel Musa massif, one of the mythical Pillars of Hercules.

On the 30th, in addition to the return journey from Africa to continue the race on European soil, the competition continues and Jimena de la Frontera, with a night stage against the clock of 5K and 450mD+, will once again be a challenge for the participants of the Eurafrica Interncontinental modality, as it has been in 2021, the year of its debut.

The Malaga stage will be the third stage of #Eurafrica22. With 24kms and 950mD+, it will take place on the 31st October and will undoubtedly be a key element in determining the final rankings of the event. The queen stage is located right at the halfway point of the Euro-African event.

On 1 November, the city of Algeciras and the best views of the Strait of Gibraltar from the mountains of the Alcornocales Natural Park await us. A fourth stage in Cádiz with 21K and 1,100mD+ in the misty forests of Cádiz. And as a final climax, Eurafrica 22 will see its last finish line in the Vertical Race of Gibraltar, which on the afternoon of Tuesday 1st November will decide, with its 5K and 500mD+, the definitive winners and the closing party of the seventh edition of the only intercontinental race in the world, in the Cueva de San Miguel.